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The ATLAS® Case provides ultra-rugged, waterproof protection for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Incipio’s ATLAS® Waterproof Case is precision engineered with a rugged hard-shell frame and protective soft shell core for shock-absorbing protection. Silicone plugs around the perimeter of the device ensure a waterproof seal for submersion up to 2 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. The ATLAS® Case features a screen designed for optical clarity and protection, that maintains full touchscreen functionality and won't rainbow in the sun. The ATLAS® Waterproof Case includes a one-year limited warranty that covers accidental device water damage (US only)*.

Technical Specifications

The ATLAS™ Case is constructed to perform in rugged conditions and has been tested according to Ingress Protection (IP68) and Military Standard 810G for drop protection, water & dust ingress.

DIMENSIONS:7.05” (179.07mm) L x 4.96” (125.98mm) W x 0.65” (16.51mm) D

WEIGHT:5.8 oz (0.36 lb)

WATERPROOF: Immersion up to 2 meters (6.6') for 30 minutes. IP68 Ingress Protection rating against water and dust and MIL-STD 810 Method 512.5 Procedure I Tested and Passed.

DUSTPROOF: IP68 Ingress Protection rating and MIL-STD 810G Method 510.5 Procedure I dust only tested and passed.

SHOCKPROOF: MIL-STD 810G Method 516.6 Procedure IV 4 ft. (Transit Drop) tested and passed. MIL-STD-810G Method 514.6


Military Standard 810G is a United States Military Standard that establishes testing methods replicating environmental effects to determine resistance to environmental stress sequences and the life cycle of the equipment. The ATLAS™ Case passed the following MIL-STD-810G subset tests:

  • Immersion: Method 512.5 Proc.I 2 meters for 30 minutes
  • Vibration: Method 514.6 Proc.I Cat. 4. 60 minutes/axis, 3-axis
  • Dust: Method 510.5 Proc.I., Dust only
  • Transit Drop: Method 516.6 Proc.IV 4 ft.

IP68 is a rating of Ingress Protection that categorizes the degree of environmental protection against the invasion of solid foreign objects and water. The ATLAS™ Case passed the following IP68 standards:

  • Dust Ingress, Cat.1 under pressure
  • Immersion 2 meters for 30 minutes
Kindle Paperwhite ATLAS Case
* Valid in United States only. Subject to the Terms & Conditions contained in the Incipio® Protective Products Agreement.