How to Locate Your Kindle Serial Number

1) To go to the Settings page, tap the Menu button from the Home screen and select Settings. Your Kindle must be registered to view all settings.

2) Once on the Settings page, tap the Menu button again and tap "Device Info". This screen will display your device’s Serial Number. Please enter this as your "Kindle Serial Number".

*Please contact with any further questions.

How to Locate Your ATLAS Case Serial Number

1) Remove Kindle Paperwhite ATLAS from packaging.

2) Open ATLAS Case and remove interior packaging.

3) Look in upper-left hand corner of back plate for 12 digit alphanumeric code.

Atlas Paperwhite Serial Number

*Please contact with any further questions.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ATLAS™ Case Registration Form

The ATLAS® Waterproof Case includes a one-year limited device warranty that covers accidental device water damage (US only)*.

*Subject to the Terms & Conditions contained in the Incipio® Protective Products Agreement.

Please fill out the form below to register your ATLAS™ case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite:

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Kindle Serial #
ATLAS Case Serial #
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